Cuba Travel

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Cuba travel
We all know that it is legal to travel to Cuba with a religious license provided by a company?

But can a 15 year journey alone with a religious license, because I went to Cuba with my grandmother, but I can travel alone to Cuba by a religious license or do I have to be accompanied by an adult?

there is a big risk google online travel to Cuba to find an organization with solid answers

Cuba Travel Doc – Part 01


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    Shoot, who would have thohugt that it was that easy?

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    Jon, I like the birding wbtsiee. Thanks for linking to it. Our eight year old has rather turned our family into birders these days. One of the blessings to be in San Antonio (since this last year and a half) has been an excellent young birders club. And I’ve enjoyed reading what you have to say here. It’s about time you started blogging!

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