Cuba History

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Cuba history

Making Cuba Holidays Magic

When going on vacation is hard to know exactly where to go and where to stay once you are there. Sometimes time out may even be a bit repetitive as it is usually always revolves around the same activities – beaches and hot weather. Whilst Bayamo in Cuba does not offer these two things to expect any tourist destination, it also has more to encourage any trip to Cuba.

Bayamo is located in the south – east of the river Bayamo Cuba and has much be proud of. It is a leader in transportation, manufacturing and commercial center, copper and magnesium are extracted there and they are known for their food, tanning and preparation of snuff.

The town was founded in 1513 and thanks to its colonial style has beautiful squares, palaces and majestic cathedral to envy to many. These are just some of the things that encourage many people to embark on trips to Cuba. Due to the fact that many events have taken place here over the history, Bayamo is known as the cradle of the Cuban nation and has been declared a national monument.

The village has a rich history which tourists can find many of the attractions that are surrounded by Spanish colonial architecture. Visitors can also hear the sounds of traditional Cuban music at Casa de la Trova. Here is where the best Cuban musicians performed, making his
Cuba travel experience extra magical.

You will be amazed at the number of places of interest may be in a village. From the birthplace of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (Father of Nation) and Bayamo's Cathedral to the Altar of the heroes of much to do Worldwide Holiday Cuba, no matter what you are interested in.

If you need a break from all that sight – seeing then have a break Cespedes Park, a beautiful park with long marble benches and statues of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes. This is something that everyone who is participating in travel Cuba should check out just to experience the atmosphere.

There is much to do in Bayamo, while on travel to Cuba more sites to quaint restaurants small. It is the perfect place to enjoy a few days or a day trip as part of a tour, just make sure you remember your camera.

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