Cuba Connection

Cuba connection
confusion Caribbean!?

I'm looking to go to the Caribbean in May 1925 to June 1912. Ideally, we would like to visit Cuba, Jamaica and possibly other island (for suggestions!) We are looking to spend around £ 1500. Any suggestions on … – Cheap flights? – Itinerary or to visit the islands? – Search connecting flights between Cuba and Jamaica? Other connections? – Finding decent accommodation for around £ 70 per night (per room) – much money we allow 2.5 weeks? Any suggestions would be welcome as you can see I'm totally lost! Thanks for your help Sally-Ann 🙂 Thank you all soooo much for taking bother to answer! I really apprecaite your help! Just one last question for easty90210 …. I can say where the agreement to Santa Lucia and the Republic Dominican mentioned? And if anyone has some pearls of wisdom to share with rookie Caribbean that would be great too 🙂

Antigua would be ideal for your first stop. On the flight information, it would be best to consult a travel agent. They are always updated with the best prices, flights, etc, as depend on the commission to ensure that its customers the very best deals. As a look at what Antigua has to offer (plus 365 beaches, warm, welcoming, capable people and delicious local food) must … and

The Cuba Connection – 52-min documentary